Jayson Tatum talks workouts with Paul Pierce, why he opted against wrist surgery

Before Jayson Tatum even took a query Monday at media day, the Celtics star knew what was coming.

“I bet I can guess what you’re going to ask me,” Tatum stated as he located himself on the podium.

He was given the ground.

“I spent a lot of time with Paul Pierce this summer,” Tatum started.

Indeed, movies have been posted on social media all through the summer season of the Celtics stars previous and current understanding with one another. Pierce stated on Kevin Garnett’s podcast final month that it began when he went with former teammate Sam Cassell – who joined the C’s as an assistant coach this summer season – to observe certainly one of Tatum’s exercises. It was routine exercises collectively, which helped Pierce get into form.

Tatum stated the 2 labored out with every for a few month as he educated for the upcoming season, and he gained insights from Pierce within the course of.

“He was really motivated,” Tatum stated. “Paul actually lost 15-20 pounds. It was about four weeks. He came to the gym every day. It was cool to have him around. He told us a lot of stories about the championship team, a lot of things we’ll try to help apply to this year. And hopefully we can see a lot more of Paul.”

It was an in any other case quiet summer season for Tatum, who averted surgical procedure on his left wrist, which has been nagging him since he suffered a small fracture in the course of the Celtics’ run to the 2022 NBA Finals. He stated he met with a number of specialists earlier than making the choice.

“Got a bunch of second, third and fourth opinions on (it), surgery wasn’t a common one,” Tatum stated. “So, you know, wasn’t all the way certain about it, but did all the right things this summer. Took all the right measures, I guess, to make sure I was healthy and prepared to come into the season with no distractions.”

Tatum revealed that he added 12 kilos this summer season, however that his exercise routine didn’t change.

“I’ve always lifted heavier in the summer than I do during the season. I guess I have set some personal records in the weight room this summer, but not like that much more than I did last summer,” Tatum stated. “I have put on like 12 pounds, and I think part of that is getting a little older. I think my body is maturing. I might lose some weight once the season starts, once we start playing four times a week. But I think I’ve just gotten a little bit bigger every year, and I’ve gotten a little bit older, so I think those go hand in hand.”